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About Me

Hello! I'm Jorge Perez

I'm a full-stack & mobile software developer with strong eye for detail and tenacity to bring beautiful designs and functionality together. I thrive in extremely fast-paced and collaborative environments.

I consider UI/UX to be crucial in the development of engaging applications, both for web and mobile development.

I'm a lifelong learner, I love technology & photography as well. I aspire to create experiences that revolve around art, design & tech!

My Skills

These are some of the key technical skills and tools that I use to creatively solve problems.


I've developed personal projects and created apps while using frameworks like SwiftUI, CoreData, CocoaPods.


C# is the bread and butter of Windows Apps. Examples of my individual and group projects can be found on GitHub.


This trio is mandatory for being able to develop the responsive and attractive front end side of my work.


Implemented BootStrap to add an extra level of responsiveness & clean aesthetic to both my Photography & Dev portfolio.


Redeveloped my To-do iOS app with Flutter & Dart, making it compatible with Android Devices.

.NET Frameworks

Knowledge of the most common patterns and frameworks to build web projects. Like: ASP.NET & MVC.

My Current Projects

These are some of the personal projects that I'm currently working on, for both mobile and web development

Language Learning iOS App

Currently figuring out the design and functionality of a Language learning iOS App. Personal Project.

Software Dev Portfolio

A responsive Software development portfolio website. Implemented with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap.

Completed Projects

These are some of the personal projects that I have started and completed in the last 3-4 months.

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TaskMaster, A To-do iOS App

Designed & developed a To-do iOS App. Implemented with Swift, using SwiftUI & Core Data for persistent data.

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TaskMaster - Flutter Version

Redesigned & redeveloped the existing To-do App with Flutter & Dart. Making it compatible with Android Devices.

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Photography Portfolio

A responsive photography portfolio website. Implemented with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap.

Contact Me

Please let me know If you have any questions. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Let’s talk!